About Partitioning

Linear Plastering are an installer of Metal Track and Stud Partitioning systems. 

Metal track and stud systems are different to timber partitions in that they are lightweight, more flexible and, using the correct type of stud profile can span vast heights, especially useful in warehouses and large open spaces with high ceilings. 

The partition can then be formed by installing plasterboards to both sides of the studwork and can be acoustically or thermally treated with insulation.


Domestic Partitioning

Room separating partitions: Single skin partitions can be installed to divide larger open spaces into smaller spaces. Especially useful to add extra rooms to existing properties. 

Party Walls: Party walls can be formed by installing 2 runs of partitioning parallel to each other leaving a cavity. Insulation can then be draped in the cavity and can be clad in acoustic plasterboards.

As a company we are experts in sound regulations and robust details and can work with you to formulate the best solutions for your project, whatever your needs.  

Commercial Partitioning

Linear plastering are experts in commercial partitioning and have worked on a number of projects in warehouses and industrial environments along with municipal and educational establishments over our long history.

We often get approached to form partitions to create office and welfare space in warehouses or other open space industrial environments. In these building types the roof is often a great height above floor level making a metal track and stud partition the ideal solution. 

We are experts in Jumbo Stud partitioning and can easily formulate a solution to reach from floor to underside of roof. It is not uncommon for a Jumbo Stud Partition to reach heights in excess of 7 metres!!!

The partitions can be clad in a myriad of plasterboards to achieve the desired end results, whether it be fire safety, reduction of sound, hygeine, moisture resistance or impact resistance, we really can find a solution for any situation using our vast knowledge and expertise. All partitions can be complimented with acoustic or thermal insulation depending on your requirements.

Some examples of our Partitioning